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Get started - with no obligation quotes & advice from agents, conveyancers, brokers, surveyors and removals companies.

Get organised – your portal will be updated with all the necessary forms for your sale, purchase, or remortgage. With forms shared with the appropriate parties, keeping track of your progress is hassle-free for everyone involved. Take advantage of our quick and easy digital journey today.


All your forms filed,
sorted and organised

Manage all your forms and documents in one place, at any given time

You might be surprised just how many forms you need to complete when buying or selling a property. Unfortunately Moving Buddies cannot take this away but we have made it less painful and much quicker! All of your forms can easily be completed in digital format on a computer or mobile device. Say goodbye to paper copies, printouts, scanning and emailing. One you complete forms in your portal they are automatically available to your conveyancer.


Progress is easily
shared & transparent

All parties can see your progress and access the relevant information.

If your estate agent, broker or conveyancer is working with us they will automatically see the progress you have made. In addition only your conveyancer will have access to your files and documents so they can start the legal work. If you want to share your progress indicators with anyone else you can, whilst preserving confidentiality.


Say goodbye to
home-moving stress

Moving-Buddies is here to help!

Your portal dashboard is personalised to you and your sale or purchase. All of the information and tasks are essential to get you to completion as quickly as possible. Your portal enables you to seamlessly complete these tasks and guides you through the process. Your information is stored in one place for easy reference.

Avoid holding up the Property Chain

Old fashioned conveyancing systems are often the cause of frustration leading to sales and purchases falling through. Moving Buddies gives you control to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, speeding up the process.

No Portal Fees

Did we mention your portal is free?

No hidden fees
No subscription

We don’t charge any fees or subscription for your Moving Buddies portal. In fact, our preferential deals often save you money on all aspects of moving home including legal fees, surveys and utilities set up.