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Stop wasting time jumping from agent to agent and start your house-hunting journey the right way with Moving Buddies. With one quick search, you can learn about agents in your area who will help make selling your home fast and stress free - so whether it's getting top dollar for your place or selling it quick we've got all the facts at hand!

Unbiased Estate Agent Comparison
Unbiased Agent Comparison

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We help you find the perfect estate agent for your home. Our analysis looks at every active agent in UK, and based on some simple info about your house we provide a list of local agents – plus how they compare against each other!

Our comparison gives you access to real-time property sales data in order to show the performance of local agents in your postcode. We know that knowledge about your area is invaluable, giving you the confidence and facts to help you make an informed decision.

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Picking your Estate Agent can be a daunting task. What if you get it wrong? You property might not sell for as much as you would like or it might be left languishing on the market for too long. It’s always good to shop around, look at some stats and talk to them directly. Once you speak to them you might find you have a great connection with one that you might otherwise have discounted. Selling your home is a very personal experience so you’ll want to pick your agent carefully.

The key factors you'll want to consider are:

  1. Getting at least 3 valuations
  2. Selling fees
  3. Have they sold property like yours before
  4. Impressions count - did you like them

Average sale time

Demonstrating the average length of time it takes for each agent to secure a sale in your postcode area. Some people want to sell as quickly as possible. Ensure you cross-reference this with 'asking price' achieved stats to make sure an Agent isn't selling quickly because they under-price properties. Depending on what is important to you, this might be a compromise you are prepared to take.

Percentage of asking prices achieved

Shows how close to asking price the Agent achieves on their sales. Sometimes Agents over-achieve and secure over asking price. Asking price should be set a realistic market prices for every area.

Number of properties listed

How many properties each Agent has listed in your postcode area. This demonstrates who is the most used Agent in a given area. But don't rule out the others as they might have other valuable assets. For example a smaller or new Agent to the area might be able to give you a more personalised service if they have less properties to manage.

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