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Need a Home Surveyor?

A survey is a detailed report of the property you are buying. It gives you information that you cannot tell from viewing it alone. It advises on the condition of the property and any major or minor repairs that might be required. Don't confuse a survey with a mortgage lender's valuation report, you might need both.

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A Homebuyer survey is a comprehensive report on the condition of the property you are about to purchase. Often known as RICS Building Survey it includes:

Inspecting roof space, grounds, floors and services.

Looking at the materials the hosue was built with and detemining how they will fare over time.

Suggesting repairs and highlighting potential issues if they are not dealt with.

A Homebuyer report is less comprehensive and provides information about any visible defects. This report is not suitable for all types of property and if the property is in a state of disrepair a survey would be more beneficial. One of the biggest differences between the report and the survey is that concealed areas are not inspected i.e. roof space and tests are not undertaken. If you’re unsure whether a survey or report is right for your property ask us for advice.

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