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Need a Home Surveyor?

Congratulations on finding the perfect home for you! It’s now time to figure out what type of house survey is best for your new property.
We help make this process easy with an overview of different types of surveys and our experts will advise on the right survey for your property.

A Moving Buddies survey gives you

  • Peace of mind
  • Dedicated Sales Advisor
  • Surveyors with local knowledge
  • Surveyors that are happy to discuss your report

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Need Information?

A survey is a detailed report of the property you are buying. It gives you information that you cannot tell from viewing it alone. It advises on the condition of the property and any major or minor repairs that might be required. Don't confuse a survey with a mortgage lender's valuation report, you might need both.

Condition Report is a concise, descriptive report suitable for smaller and newer properties. It clearly colour codes property defects which may need attention.

HomeBuyer Report is a complete diagnostic report, with valuation, designed for larger and older homes.

Building Survey is a comprehensive, tailored repost with optional valuation, including a structural survey of visible and potential problems.Designed for large, older or unique properties.