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Mortgage Deals

Let us help you find a new mortgage deal

Most people use a mortgage broker or mortgage advisor to help them access the best deals on the market. They also provide invaluable advice when you’re looking to buy a new home and ensure you are best placed to get your mortgage offer and mortgage in principle in place.

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Let's get started with some basic details.


Getting A Mortgage

Applying for a mortgage can be a little scary as mortgage lenders will go through your finances with a fine tooth comb to ensure you are risk free and that their investment is secure. You’ll be expected to provide a whole host of information about your incomings and outgoings before you receive a mortgage offer and mortgage in principle. Once you have these you are in a great position to make an offer on a property.

Working with a mortgage advisor means they will do a lot of the hard work. They often work ‘whole of market’ which means they have access to any mortgage lenders on the market giving you the most choice of product and lender.

A mortgage advisor will give you advice on affordability, what mortgage amount you are likely to get and if there are any potential problems in your finances that you might need to address.

More about Mortgages

Mortgage Considerations

You might want to start thinking about these important considerations in advance:

Your Credit Score

Get a copy of your credit report and that of any other person that will be on the mortgage. Now you can see what lenders will see. If it's a low score there are things you can do to help like ensuring you're on the electoral register.


Be realistic with your incoming and outgoing monies and set a budget for what you think you can afford.

Reduce Debt

If you are able to reduce debt and outgoings it a really good idea to do so, preferably 6 months in advance as you need to demonstrate your bank statements.

Save For A Deposit

The bigger the deposit the better, it means your loan to value LTV is lower.

Independent Advice

Speak to an independent advisor who can point you in the right direction. Often initial advice is free as they are paid by the mortgage lender that you borrow with. Always check in advance any fees that you are expected to pay.

We believe everybody should have a home

At Moving Buddies we believe that everyone should have a place to call home. Which is why we work with numerous homeless charities across the UK.