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We are dedicated to help you buy and sell your property quicker. Get started on essential tasks earlier and speed up your home move.

Real time updates for you, your estate agent, mortgage broker and conveyancer. 

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Get Ready to Move Home

Moving home is an exciting time but it can be stressful and time consuming. It doesn’t need to be. Fast track your sale or purchase today! As a Moving Buddies user you will complete all of the work and upload the relevant documentation in your personalised online portal.

Moving Buddies is a trusted solution used by estate agents, mortgage brokers and conveyancers to ensure a speedy move. Using Moving Buddies means you can get started on essential tasks and forms earlier, there is less duplicated work and we cut down on unnecessary calls as everyone can see progress updates. 

If your estate agent has generated a Moving Buddies conveyancing quote for you, you can login from the emails you received or get started below.

If you’re new to Moving Buddies ‘Hi’ we’re delighted to help you. Get started below. 

Selling a property - what you need to do

As a seller you have a key part to play in supplying information about yourself, your property and completing numerous forms. These forms are legal requirements and essential for the progression of your sale. 

Traditionally these forms are either posted or emailed for you to print, complete and send back to your conveyancing solicitor. This is incredibly time consuming, we provide all of these forms online with e-signatures. Our system even pre-populates information we already know about you and your property saving you precious time.

Anyone selling a property must have ID checks done and the sooner these are completed the sooner your conveyancer can get started. We enable you to complete your ID checks immediately. 

Buying a property -what
you need to do


When buying a property your mortgage lender will require searches to be done to safeguard their investment. Searches often take a number of weeks to be returned and in many cases are not ordered until weeks after your legal work has begun. We order searches immediately to minimise the risk of any delays. 

As a buyers you need to prove where your funds for purchasing the property came from. Supplying the correct evidence can be confusing. We guide you through the right documents you need to supply and you can simply upload them into your portal.

All buyers must have ID checks done and the sooner these are complete the sooner your conveyancer can get started. We enable you to complete your ID checks immediately. 

Transparent Communication

Moving Buddies creates real-time updated communication between your mortgage broker, estate agent and conveyancer with everyone able to see the transaction progress. You can also share this real time progression with other parties in the chain. 

Moving Buddies puts you in control. As you work through each document and task you see milestone updates so you know exactly where you are up to and what you have left to do. Your estate agent and conveyancer will see these updates too. 

We provide clear instructions on any actions you need to take. Buying and selling a property can be daunting but we’re here to make it as stress-free and straightforward as possible. 

If you do get stuck our Moving Buddies Tips help with some of the most common questions and our friendly team are here to assist if you need additional help.

How we help Buyers and Sellers

We understand buying and selling property can be confusing so we've made it simple and straightforward.

Moving Buddies is a digital solution for all tasks expected of buyers and sellers.

Quickly and easily complete everything from your laptop or smart phone. No more paperwork, printing and scanning documents.

For ease all documents are available to you as online forms with pre-populated fields meaning there’s less for you to do.

We give you instant access to speed things along and save you weeks.

Instant ordering of ID checks, this is important as your conveyancer cannot commence work until ID checks are completed.

Searches can often take a number of weeks to be returned. If there is a delay in ordering there is no way to speed up their return. We enable instant search ordering to help prevent searches being the cause of delays.

When you work with Moving Buddies all of your progress is saved and visible to your estate agent and conveyancer, cutting down on phone calls chasing each other. Everyone knows exactly what has been done and what is outstanding.

Did You Know?

Moving Buddies can help you find your estate agent.

Moving Buddies can help you order a survey.

  • Legal Welcome
  • Land Registry Plans
  • Land Registry Deed
  • EPC if available

  • Anti Money Laundering Checks
  • ID Checks
  • Proof of Funds

  • Conveyancing Enquiries
  • Searches

  • Property Information
  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • Leasehold Information

  • Managing The Entire Process

What Else We Can Help With

There’s so much to do when buying and selling a property, Moving Buddies has brought everything under one roof to make it simple for you.

Moving Buddies can assist you in choosing an estate agent, calculating your Stamp Duty, finding a mortgage advisor, ordering a survey, finding a removals company and much more.

We make moving home easy