Meet Your
Moving Buddies

Here to get you legally prepared to speed up your house sale and purchase process.

Meet Your
Moving Buddies

Here to get you legally prepared, speed up
your house sale and purchase process.

Getting You 'Move Ready'

If you’ve been invited to Moving Buddies by your conveyancer, estate agent or mortgage broker you can get started straight away, just click below.

If you’re new to Moving-Buddies ‘welcome’ we’re delighted to help you get legally ‘move ready’.

How It Works

Buying and selling a property requires you to work with a number of professionals along the way, like estate agents and conveyancing solicitors. As a buyer and/or seller you also have a key part to play in supplying information, completing forms and undertaking some tasks.

These tasks are mandatory and the sooner you get started the quicker your legal moving pack can be ready. We’re here to point you in the right direction and guide you through the entire process of getting you legally ‘move ready’.

Everything you need when
moving home

We help your sale and/or purchase progress quickly because we’ve digitised the entire process. We’ve replaced the traditional laborious and time consuming paper method with a simple and convenient alternative that can all be done on your laptop or smart phone.

Sharing Your Progression Is Easy

You are in full control and as you work through each document and different parts of the legal process we demonstrate progress updates so you know exactly where you are up to. 

Everything is trackable with clear instructions on any actions you need to take. Transparent visibility on your transaction for you, your estate agent, mortgage broker and conveyancing solicitor meaning everyone is kept in the loop. Share your progress with anyone involved and keep them up to speed.

How we help Buyers and Sellers

Our Buddies help you through the process of buying and selling a property. When selling there’s a lot of forms to complete about the property you are selling. As a buyer searches need to be ordered. Searches are essential and gather detailed information about the property and surrounding area. As a buyer and seller you’ll complete all parts of the Moving-Buddies journey:

  • Legal Welcome
  • Land Registry Plans
  • Land Registry Deed
  • EPC ‘if available’

  • Anti Money Laundering Checks
  • ID Checks

  • Conveyancing Enquiries
  • Legal Searches
  • Proof of Funds

  • Conveyancing Enquiries
  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • Property Information

  • Managing The Entire Process

What Else We Can Help With

We can assist you in choosing a mortgage advisor and estate agent if you haven’t already done so. Compare estate agents in your postcode and view our mortgage advisor services below.  

We make moving home easy