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Safe To View

Protecting everyone involved in a property viewing including estate agent, vendor and purchaser
Our Safe to View passport helps protect everyone involved in a property viewing. From the estate agent, viewing agent, vendor to the purchaser/viewer by verifying the identity of anyone that is likely to view a property.

Safe to View passport authenticates anyone involved in viewing a property and proves they are who they say they are from the very beginning.

Safe To View Passport

Estate Agents

All estate agents that work with Moving Buddies have access to Safe to View passports.

On average it takes 15 viewings to sell a property. That’s 15 sets of viewers entering someone’s home without verification of who they say they are.

The estate agent often collects the IDs of vendors but it needs to be electronically checked for authentication.

Safe To View Passport


If you are looking to purchase a new property you will likely look at a number of potential homes before deciding to put in an offer. By verifying your identity in advance you are demonstrating you take safety seriously and that you’re a committed purchaser.


If you are doing the viewing without an estate agent present your own Safe to View passport can give your viewers reassurance of who you are before they step into your home.

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Safe To View Passport

Safe to View passport is a quick and simple electronically verified ID check protecting estate agents, viewing agents, vendors and purchasers.

Quick and simple to complete

Valid for 12 months

Digital passport on your mobile device

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