Hello and Welcome to Moving-Buddies

Hello and Welcome to Moving-Buddies

Moving-Buddies are your solution to getting your home sold or bought as quickly as possible. Our Buddies are here to help you take control in the earliest stages so you can speed up your transaction and lessen the risk of a transaction falling through because of delays and chains.

Many people assume their conveyancing solicitor undertakes all of the work when you are buying and selling. Of course, they have a lot of legal work to do but as the buyer or seller there’s a lot that will be expected of you too. The more organised you are and the sooner you complete your part of the tasks the sooner your conveyancing can complete their legal work.

Let us introduce you to the Moving-Buddies who’ll guide you through everything you need to do…

Welcome Pack – Usell Bolt

To get started you will need to complete your ‘welcome pack’. Your welcome pack includes key information about your chosen conveyancing solicitor and their terms. You will be expected to complete the questions about anyone involved in the property transaction and information about the property you are buying or selling. It’s imperative that you complete this as soon as you are able, nothing else will be done until this initial but vital document is returned. Many law firms print and post these documents to be filled in a returned via post which could easily add 2 weeks to the very start of your journey. Our online forms enable you to do this far quicker and initiate the rest of the process.

ID/AML Checks – SamuAML Jackson

Everyone involved in buying and selling a property must complete ID checks. Often these are done towards the end of the transaction so any issues with the checks can cause late delays. By getting these checks done early your conveyancer can deal with any issues that arise at the outset.

Protocol/TA Forms – TuPack

If you are a seller you will need to complete protocol forms (legally known as TA forms). These forms gather information about the property you are selling. For instance if it is leasehold details about the leaseholder and any managements company, details and documents supporting any alterations you have undertook and any fixtures and fittings you are or are not leaving behind.

Searches – Alicia NewKeys

If you are a buyer you will need to have property searches done. These searches will be mandatory from your lender if you are buying with a mortgage. Searches protect yours and your lender’s investment by investigating the property and surrounding area. For example if the property is at risk of flooding, if it is built in a mining area and how close to the proposed HS2 track it is.

Legal Move Ready – Amy WineInNewHouse

Once all of the above have been done then the documents are all pulled together and supplied to your conveyancing solicitor so they can complete the rest of the legal work fully armed with the information they need in order to do so.

Traditionally all of this information is collected at different points in time by different parties. Moving-Buddies undertakes this as a single process so everyone knows where the transaction is up to and if any parts are slowing down progress.

We look forward to helping you move more quickly.

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