Getting Started

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Step 1

Usell Bolt

Usell Bolt here!

I help you engage with your solicitor and get your Welcome Pack completed so you’re out of the starting blocks with lightning speed. This is the crucial first step and nothing else can be started until your Welcome Pack is returned.

Alicia NewKeys

Hi there!

I’m the expert in property purchase searches. If you’re buying with a mortgage your lender will need you to have searches done. Even if you’re not buying with a mortgage having searches protects you and ensures no nasty surprises in the future.

SamuAML Jackson

Listen up!

AML and ID checks are a legal requirements and must be done on everyone involved in the transaction. We need to check where your money has come from and check you’re who you say you are.

Amy WineInNewHouse


I’m on standby waiting for my moving buddy colleagues to get all your documents ready. Then I can pull everything together and create your legal moving pack whilst your solicitor completes the rest of the legal work. I know you’re eager to move and I keep everyone in check and get you moved quickly.