About Moving-Buddies

Moving-Buddies is owned by CALM Network Ltd.

We work with clients, law firms, estate agents and mortgage brokers throughout the country to provide a turnkey solution in the conveyancing and home moving industry.

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Let me tell you a bit more about us

Our innovative software offers a speed orientated solution for home-movers and progression tools for conveyancing professionals.

We have embraced technology to transform the buying and selling process, digitising as much as possible and creating a platform that enables transparency and visibility to all parties involved in any house sale or purchase.
CALM Network is a web-based business that empowers people to engage, communicate and collaborate in a way unique when moving home. We are dedicated to improving and developing new ways to get you into your new property as quickly as possible.

We understand the pain points when buying and selling a house and our Moving-Buddies are a complete solution putting you in control. With so many transactions falling through due to delays, giving you control early in the process will speed up some of the slowest parts of the conveyancing process.

We believe everybody should have a home

At Moving Buddies we believe that everyone should have a place to call home. Which is why we work with numerous homeless charities across the UK.

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