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Buying, Selling or Remortgaging?

Get started by choosing a service.

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We’ll be with you every step of the way, connecting you with top-notch professionals. Whether you need a trusted mortgage broker, reliable conveyancer, or an efficient removals company, we’ve got you covered. We provide all the advice, support, and competitive quotes needed.

The Moving-Buddies promise

In addition to matching you with skilled professionals, we’ll take you through the entire process step-by-step, all in one place. Plus, our secure online portal keeps all your important documents and messages organised and easily accessible, saving time for everyone involved.

Your next sale, purchase or remortgage just got a lot easier.

A flexible approach

We understand that everyone’s home moving or remortgage needs are different, which is why we offer a flexible approach. You can select as many or as few services as you need, from mortgage brokers to conveyancers to surveyors. Simply start by selecting a service and filling in some basic information. One of our professionals will then be in touch to guide you through the process. Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll manage everything for you and keep you updated every step of the way through your personal portal. Say goodbye to the stress of missing documents or important communication.

So, whether you need a little or a lot of help, Moving Buddies have got your back.

Your Journey

Your Portal

Welcome to your very own moving and remortgaging portal! We’ve made everything you need to get started quick and easy to find. No more confusing jargon – we’ve simplified all the tasks and explained their importance. Plus, you’ll have complete transparency on the progress of your transaction. Our streamlined digital process ensures a stress-free experience for everyone involved. Let’s get started!

Everything You Need to Buy, Sell & Remortgage

We’re dedicated to making your move or remortgage easy and stress-free. That’s why we offer all the services you might need, in one place – easy to manage and access in your portal.

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Miami's Advice

Did you know?

Mortgages & Remortgages

If you are looking for a new mortgage or remortgaging on your current home you should seek the advice of a whole of market mortgage advisor, to find the best deal for you.

Estate Agents

Moving Buddies compares all of the estate agents across the country. Choosing the right agent for you is important, get started by comparing the agents in your area in an instant!


Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring a property from one party to another. If you are buying or selling it’s important to choose your conveyancer early in your journey.


Do you need one and if so, which one? Get some expert help and advice to book the right survey for the property you are buying. A survey will give you peace of mind.

Stamp Duty

When buying a home it’s crucial to know how much stamp duty you will have to pay. Get a quick calculation now to include in your budget.


Removals day may seem a while away but it will come round quickly and removers get booked months in advance. Don’t delay.


Once in your new home you might think everything is done but don’t forget about your utilities. Let us help you with this painstaking job from finding the best prices to setting you up.

Protect Your Home

Protect your beloved home now and in the future with estate planning. Make sure the property you've worked so hard for is protected.

Miami's Advice

Did you know?

Moving-Buddies Revolutionises the way you move home

Moving Buddies are here to make sure your moving experience is hassle-free. We help you get started and plan ahead, find the best moving solutions and provide any support throughout the entire process.

Don’t worry if you have found us late! You can join us at any time in your home moving journey, we’re happy to help.

With Moving Buddies moving home has never been easier, so you can focus on what matters most – settling into your new home and starting a new chapter in life.

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At Moving Buddies, we’ve got exclusive deals precisely when you need to cut costs during your move. And the best part? Our service comes at no additional cost to you. Save big with Moving Buddies today!

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