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Welcome Pack

Every solicitor and conveyancer requires you to complete a Welcome Pack. This is the first piece of correspondence you receive and the rest of the conveyancing process cannot start until this vital form is completed and returned.
The Welcome Pack includes:

Personal information about all purchasers/sellers in the transaction.
Detailed information about the properties being bought and sold.
Information about any mortgage.
Terms and Conditions.

You must sign and date this document before Moving-Buddies and your solicitor can start the next steps.

How I Can Help
How I Can Help
Usell Bolt here, I recommend getting some information and documents together before you start, it’ll speed things up.
How I help
How I help
I'm Alicia NewKeys and I can’t tell you how important it is to get your searches ordered early. The Local Authority search can cause delays and anything of concern should be raised as early as possible. It benefits you enormously to be in receipt of the searches and potential issues early incase something needs to be remedied or indeed if you decide not to proceed. You will not be able to exchange contracts before these crucial documents are returned as your mortgage lender requires them to protect and minimise their lending risk.
Alicia NewKeys


Searches are enquiries that find out more about the property you are purchasing. Our search packs are made up of a number of different searches:
Local Authority: information about the property and surrounding area and discovers information like,

If the property is in a conservation area
Is a listed building
Plans for new roads and traffic schemes
New planning decisions and proposals

Often the Local Authority search is the slowest to return.

Drainage & Water: who owns and maintains the sewers, drains and pipes.
Environmental: highlights risk of subsidence, contaminated land, flood risk and landslips
Chancel: if the property sits in a parish that is liable to contribute to repairs to the church.
Coal: postcode dependent and may be needed for coal mining areas to check if there is a risk of unstable ground

SamuAML Jackson


Quite simply we need to check your identity and the source of your money, so we can be sure there are no ill-gotten gains or money laundering. Purchasing property is a quick way criminals can ‘clean’ money, so I'm just making sure everything is above board.

Have everything ready for your digital ID check. Documents to get ready are

Driving licence.
Bank statements.
Household bills.

It’s one of the quickest things you need to do but so important so get it done as soon as you can.

How I help
How I help
SamuAML Jackson here to get your ID check passed smoothly. Before you start grab your passport, driving licence and some proof of address docs.
How I help
How I help
TuPack's tips on completing protocol forms quickly... you'll need any documents about your property ready e.g. your lease, management company and details of any improvements or changes you've made. My forms are arguably the most time intensive but I've made them really uncomplicated. In fact I think the toughest part will be deciding what fixtures and fittings you are and are not going to leave behind.

Protocol / TA Forms

If you are a seller there are a number of forms you must fill in to supply detailed information about your property; they are called protocol or TA forms. Traditionally sellers complete these forms once an offer has been accepted solicitor appointed. Moving-Buddies enables you to get started on these forms in advance and even before you have accepted an offer.

These can take some time to complete but our easy to use online forms make it as simple and as quick as possible. These forms will ask in-depth questions about your property. For example if it is leasehold you need to supply all details about the lease and any management company involved. If you have made any improvements to the property you will need to disclose them and provide any evidence i.e. planning permission.

There is also a fixtures and fittings form where you can detail what you will and won’t leave behind. Plus any items that you are prepared to sell with your property. Our Moving-Buddies system enables you to photograph these items on your phone and upload them with a £value. This makes it much easier for the buyer who might have forgotten what the items look like after their viewing.